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Trichology Services

Your Trichology consultation will take between 1 – 1.5 hours as hair loss is a complex issue with multiple factors. Initially I will discuss your hair and scalp issues with you to get a clear understanding of your concerns. I will evaluate your hair care regime, medical history, lifestyle and nutrition, before thoroughly examining the hair and scalp. All consultations are carried out in a private and sensitive environment.

Prior to your appointment:

  • Please do not wash your hair on the day of the appointment
  • Please bring with you a copy of any recent blood test results if available
  • Please bring with you details of any medications or supplements you take

I use digital trichoscopy (microscope) to evaluate the follicle, scalp surface and vascular signs to aid accurate diagnosis. I take measurements of hair diameter, density and clinical photography for future monitoring of the condition. Due to the rate of the hair growth cycle and the diagnosis, I may recommend that a follow up appointment is carried out after at least 3 months.

During your consultation I will explain your diagnosis and discuss with you your treatment options and recommendations to ensure you leave feeling well informed; all this is summarised in a personal letter to you after the appointment. In some cases I may send you for blood tests and follow up with you after the results are received.  Further medical treatments may also be required, with onward referral letters to your GP or Dermatologist included.

Trichology is not all about hair loss; after the diagnosis of scalp conditions, I recommend a treatment using prescriptive products and electrotherapy to reduce itching and lift scale. This gives you a good head start on managing the condition at home. Treatments can then be carried out as a stand alone appointment as required.

For some, the chosen option may be to cover their hair loss; I can supply, fit and cut wigs, having been trained by Trevor Sorbie and the My New Hair scheme. A wider range of options including bespoke pieces is available at The Hair Confidente who I am proud to recommend and work with.

For media enquiries, public speaking, lectures, research or education please email me directly at [email protected] 07751 553234

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