Welcome to the Surrey Trichology Clinic

Stephanie Moore

Hi, I’m Steph, the owner of the Surrey Trichology Clinic.

I know experiencing hair loss or a scalp problem can be a really worrying time; the feelings of fear and embarrassment can be overwhelming – I have experienced alopecia areata myself so know only to well the worry this can bring! I have seen hundreds of different heads of hair in my time and am here to help, reassure and guide you through the overwhelm! You will receive a warm and friendly welcome and safe place to take the first step in this journey.

Trichology is a specialism focusing on hair and scalp disorders. During a consultation, all aspects of the history of the complaint, medical history, lifestyle factors, diet and hair care regime are considered. A diagnosis is made based on thorough microscopic examination, history and the contributing factors in order to make recommendations to address. I follow an evidence-based clinical practice model of trichology to delivery sound advice and protocols.

Hair loss is emotional and is often dismissed as purely cosmetic, however hair loss doesn’t ‘just happen‘… hair loss is a symptom, not the diagnosis. Therefore understanding what is causing the ‘symptom’ within this mini-organ paves the way to a correct prognosis and the appropriate and effective treatment. There are multiple types of hair loss that have different causes and are managed in different ways. The aim of the consultation is to uncover all this and give you the necessary information to make a decision on your next steps.