Covid-19 update

I have made the difficult decision to cease face to face working in the clinic. Well… it wasn’t so difficult – lets face it… public health must come first and I want to do my bit. At the moment, we are preparing for the worst. hoping that it won’t really come to what they are saying it will, or the death toll won’t rise as high as it has done in other countries, and that our amazing NHS will be able to cope…

Nobody knows at the moment. Its easy to forget what’s going on outside, sitting at home at the moment with the blue skies and sunshine all around… just my sons hacking cough to remind me why we’re all here!!

Hair loss is scary and your concerns are real and deserve to be discussed, often talking them through with someone who can give you the facts can help to alleviate some of those worries. An itchy scalp is irritating and seemingly endless. there are simple things you can do to help relieve some of this until we can get to the bottom of the cause once all this goes away (fingers crossed!)

I will be posting blog updates with hints and tips of the coming months, as well as some interesting nuggets of info that I come across from my biomedical degree as I find them.

Remember, social distancing doesn’t have to mean a black hole of isolation. I am here for an email or a chat between homeschooling my two kiddies!

Stay safe out there and see you on the other side!!

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