Dig Deeper: Why are you scared?

Why are you scared about what is happening to your hair? What does your hair mean to you? What is the worst thing that could happen? Hair loss is scary when you don’t understand it, it can still be scary even when you do understand it!! The important thing to do is to take action and not let your fears take over.

Many people may say their biggest fear is losing all their hair and I get it – our hair is our crowning glory – the first thing that people see about us and it is hard to hide a bad hair day! In society today and throughout history, people look at our appearance and make assumptions about who we are, how attractive or youthful we are and in my brain this somehow equates to how liked or successful we are!! And to be completely honest I dislike that about myself – I do not consider myself to be a superficial person, yet there it is, although definitely realising this is less important as I get older and wiser!! 

I get that it is entirely easy to (over?) react to any changes we see – ‘what does it mean? Where will it end?’… I had patches of alopecia areata last year and this week I counted 6 eyelashes that came out in one day… very odd and immediately my brain then goes to ‘maybe it’s coming back…’

BUT I am a Trichologist. I know what causes alopecia areata. I know what my triggers were. I know that I addressed them. I know that rationally, 6 fallen eyelashes do not mean alopecia areata. I also know the fear when you start to see hair coming out, exactly where your brain goes to!

So let me tell you that alopecia areata is the one that ‘can’ lead to total hair loss, but affects only 2% of the population. Let me also tell you it is certainly not the most common condition I see when there are cases of excessive hair shedding and you feel the need to start counting the hairs coming out. I don’t think it takes away the concern entirely as the principles of ‘self’ are complex, but having someone to confirm the diagnosis, the likely triggers and truthfully discuss all your options for exactly what you are dealing with can certainly help. 

So face your worries and fears. Deal with what is happening. Dig deeper into your subconscious; what’s the worst that could happen? Not dealing with it!!

Fear of the unknown is always worse than the known, as your brain likes to play tricks on you. It may not actually be what you are thinking or anywhere near as bad as you thought. If your ‘worst’ is confirmed, it is far better to know and take the action needed to deal with it both physically and mentally whatever the diagnosis is, so you can move forward with your life with nothing holding you back.  

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