Why I love trichology

The more I understand about the pathology of hair loss the more complex it becomes and I realise how much more there is to learn. Scratch the surface and there is a whole extra level that needs to be understood to be able to do this!! The hair is actually a complex mini organ and I want to know it all and be able to contribute to research to answer all those unanswered questions.

I love being able to help my patients with my knowledge, logic, evidence and have the best interests for your well being and needs. It sounds a bit corny, but it is really rewarding to help others – ok so, hair loss isn’t life threatening in most cases but it is emotional and worrying; especially when there is action that can be taken, and understanding what is happening and why; it is my ‘thing’.

I hate the misconception that trichologists are quacks or snakeoil salesmen; the stereotype must have come from somewhere and I still hear various stories where my patients have been elsewhere first and had a negative experience and in some cases a borderline unsafe experience due to the advice they were given – probably as the profession is currently unregulated, but this is as far away from how I practice as can be; putting my patients needs, safety , clinical reasoning and honesty at the centre of everything I do.

Stephanie Moore

“I love being able to help my patients and share my knowledge”

But where do trichologists go when they want to learn more and develop their professional selves? This is why I find myself in the middle of a biomedical science degree (and loving it)! And why the creation of a robust and rigorous higher levels of qualification is key to me, and that those qualifications and future careers are supported and enforced through professional standards of proficiency, clinic standards, CPD and ethical conduct, to create accountability and excellent standardised practice. The bar needs to be raised.

I love sharing my knowledge and teaching: I am proud to be involved in the #trichologyprofessionaldevelopmentprogramme #TPDP and writing a range of new accredited Trichology qualifications as part of the #collegeoftrichologicalscienceandpractice #CTSP. Future Trichologists must be standardised in their level of competence and service they offer. The future will be an exciting place to live for trichologists!!

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