Want to study Trichology?

An exciting new opportunity has arisen for those wanting to study Trichology; previously there has not been an accredited higher education pathway for those wishing to study, which has led to limitations to those wanting to progress their knowledge and skill level (and led some of us to take a Biomedical Science degree…!)

My colleagues and I launched the College of Trichological Science and Practice (CTSP) officially earlier this year with the start of our new Level 4 qualification in Hair and Scalp Science for Trichology! This is a fully online certificate accredited by EduQual that will take around 6 months to complete – a perfect intro to the underpinning knowledge for those looking to start their journey to Level 6 to become a Clinical Trichologist, or to further their understanding to apply to their everyday work in a hairdressing salon or aesthetic clinic!

We are currently working hard to prepare the content and practical training for our Level 5 Diploma in Principles and Practice of Trichology to be released in the autumn.

For more information see www.ctsp.ac.uk

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