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Trichoscopy measurements Trichoscopy measurements
Stephanie Moore Stephanie Moore
Trichoscopy of cicatricial alopecia Trichoscopy of cicatricial alopecia
Hair Hair
Trichoscopy of lichen planopilaris Trichoscopy of lichen planopilaris
Stephanie Moore with Trevor Sorbie and Darren Stuart My New Hair Stephanie Moore with Trevor Sorbie and Darren Stuart My New Hair
psoriasis psoriasis
Stephanie Moore Graduation Stephanie Moore Graduation
Trichoscopy of alopecia areata Trichoscopy of alopecia areata
My patchy alopecia areata My patchy alopecia areata

Clinical Trichology Consultation

Covers all aspects of hair loss, disorders and scalp concerns.

The consultation is divided into three parts to take into account your concerns, triggers and the specific signs; all of which are needed to confirm or exclude a variety of conditions and the most likely effective course of action:

– A detailed history of your hair and scalp concern, medical history, diet and lifestyle is discussed to evaluate any possible underlying contributing factors to your concern.
– A thorough hair and scalp examination using digital trichoscopy to confirm the condition(s) present and other investigative techniques when required. Clinical images will be recorded with your consent for review and monitoring purposes.
– Discussion on the findings, different treatment options available to your specific concern and factors, or the next steps if further investigation or referral is required to manage your concern appropriately.

Cosmetic hair care, styling advice or camouflaging options are also provided when required.

The consultation fee includes clinical images recorded, hair analysis and density measurements for monitoring purposes, referral letters if required, plus a detailed personal summary report and management plan.

90 minutes

*30% off for children under the age of 16

Optional add-on: Fagron DNA Trichotest

This can be added to your Clinical Trichology Consultation above if appropriate to your concern or can be requested at time of booking.

A simple swab test will provide an insight into the most effective treatment methods for you from day 1; ideal for genetic hair loss conditions. Your personalised genetics report can be utilised by our Fagron Approved pharmacist colleagues to prescribe and compound your recommended treatment formula into one easy.
Consultation price as above
+ £180
Purely Scalps Consultation

A specialist consultation for scalp concerns only, whether you struggle with excessive oil production, an irritating itch or discomfort or a build up of visible scale.

Detailed history and examination to confirm the condition present and contributing factors. Advice and recommendations are discussed to help manage and resolve the scalp condition.

Includes a summary report and management plan, images recorded for monitoring purposes and referral letter if required.

Optional: additional scalp treatment using specialist products and light therapy to lift adherent scale present and to soothe an itchy scalp. Hair will be rough dried afterwards. Please book as an additional appointment to the consultation in our online booking system.

60 minutes

Purely scalp consultation price as above
+ £55

Trichological Scalp Treatment

A refreshing scalp treatment using a combination of specialist products and light therapy to lift areas of adherent scale and soothe and itchy scalp, an optional intensive conditioning treatment can be applied to the hair.

Please kindly note, we ask that a scalp treatment is only booked following a Purely Scalps Consultation or for returning clients only, to ensure the most effective approach to managing your concern.

60 minutes

Review Appointment

An appointment to follow up on progress and changes to your hair density measurements and comparison images. Your management plan is reviewed and any alterations required discussed.

Recommended after 3-4 months of the initial consultation, but may be sooner depending on your requirements. A summary of your review is provided following the appointment.

45 minutes

Scalp Microneedling

If appropriate to your concern following your consultation, you may opt to promote hair growth with sessions of scalp microneedling; this induces growth factors to promote hair growth, remodels scalp structure and elasticity via collagen deposition and encourages vascularisation to hair follicle.

The scalp is cleansed and a suitable vitamin packed serum to aid the needling action is applied. A device using medical grade needles is used to treat the area of concern. A course of 5-8 sessions are recommended, with review of hair density to monitor effectiveness and further top-ups to maintain the improvements at 6-12 months as necessary. Further instruction will be sent prior to the appointment.

Can be used alongside other treatment methods. Please see our articles pages for links to the published evidence relating to this treatment.

Please only book scalp microneedling following a Trichology Consultation to ensure that this is the most appropriate treatment method for you, and that all aspects of management are considered in combination.
£80 per session

60 minutes

Additional Services

Hair piece fitting and cutting
I trained with Trevor Sorbie’s My New Hair initiative to provide specialist sig cutting skills to personalise a hair piece or wig you already own, or I can help with sourcing a hair pieces to order a selection for you to try and fit in the privacy of the clinic. The price is dependant on the amount of work and time involved to cut the piece.

– Specialist hair cutting/shaving
I am also happy to offer ‘stand alone’ appointments to cut/shave hair for those going through chemotherapy or with progressive alopecia; this is done in the privacy of my consultation room. Scalp treatments if desired can also be adapted to provide the application of soothing and moisturising products to a scalp in need.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
By quotation

Coming soon… Phlebotomy for blood tests…

Please note that as a trichologist, I am a hair and scalp specialist with several qualifications and follow an evidence based practice, clinical model, and aim to provide you with as much information as you require to make an informed decision about the next steps in your treatment, whether that is with myself or another practitioner. Most trichologists are not medically qualified or able to prescribe medications, therefore on the occasions when further medical treatment may be required to manage your condition, we may discuss referral back to your GP, a dermatologist or other healthcare specialist or private prescriber to ensure the best outcome for your concern.