Full Trichology Consultation
Covers all aspects of hair and scalp health

Optional: Fagron Trichotest (genetic test for hair loss)

+ £180
Purely Scalps Consultation
For scalp concerns only (i.e. itchy/scaly conditions)

Optional: additional scalp treatment

+ £45
Review Appointment
To review progress and management plan
Treatments (only booked following a consultation)
Scalp Microneedling (course of 8 recommended)
Scalp treatments for itchy/scaly scalp conditions

Wig fitting and cuttingBy quotation

The Consultation

I allow between 1-1.5 hours for Trichology consultation as the factors that contribute to hair loss and scalp conditions are very varied, and the journey that many people have been on can be an emotional one. I am experienced in analysing all hair and skin types.

If your hair density is fine, but you experience an adverse scalp condition i.e. your scalp is excessively scaly, itchy or oily, please book in for a ‘Purely Scalp Consultation’. This can be booked with or without an optional scalp treatment in the clinic to get you off to a good start to manage the problem at home.

I use digital trichoscopy to examine the hair and scalp, take measurements and take clinical photographs of the areas of concern, with your consent to be able to monitor the condition, and your response to treatment.

Combining the signs seen of examination, the reported symptoms and by considering a thorough medical, lifestyle, diet and hair care history, a differential diagnosis will be reached. I also offer the Trichotest by Fagron to offer a truly personalised profile based on your genetic activity and your response to the different treatments that are available; this is perfect for genetic hair loss conditions such as male pattern hair loss.

How these factors affect your specific type of hair loss will be discussed along side recommendations to resolve them. Cosmetic hair care and styling advice will also be discussed where required. All this is summarised for you after the appointment and includes correspondence with your GP and arrangement of further blood tests as required. Get in touch today!

How to get the most out of your your Trichology Consultation

  • Do not wash your hair on the morning of the appointment (the day before is ideal)
  • Bring a copy of any recent blood tests if available
  • Bring details of medication names and amounts
  • Bring details of vitamin supplements and amounts
  • Names of hair care products used
  • Anything else that may be of use, including hair that has been shed is acceptable!

You will also be asked questions about your medical history, lifestyle and diet.

Review Appointments

Your management plan is reviewed and altered as needed to take into account any improvements or changes in your condition or needs and additional advice needed. Comparisons will be made to your previous visits with visual photographs, digital microscopic images and measurements to track progress. Depending on the diagnosis, it is recommended that a review is booked 3-4 months after the initial consultation to assess response, or will be arranged to discuss the results of your genetic test (the FagronTrichotest) and the recommended treatment regime using prescribed products.


I offer scalp treatments using special ointments called ‘keratolytics’ to lift and soften scale, followed by steaming of the scalp, massage, and a combination of electrotherapy and phototherapy as required. This can also relieve tension in the scalp and soothe sensory nerves causing irritation, which can have a relaxing effect . Hair will be ‘roughdried’ afterwards.

To help stimulate hair growth, a clinical treatment that can be carried out is microneedling. It is an emerging therapy that creates small, superficial wounds that is said to encourage growth factors, vascularisation and collagen to encourage cell proliferation within the scalp. It is a treatment widely used in facial rejuvenation with the beginning of some interesting results published for its application for hair. A course of treatments is recommended to get results.

Wig Cutting and Fitting

Wig cutting is available: I trained with Trevor Sorbie’s My New Hair initiative. This can be to personalise a wig you already own or I can help with sourcing a hair pieces to order a selection for you to try and fit in the privacy of the clinic. The price is dependant on the amount of work and time involved to cut the piece. Please get in touch with your requirements.